Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dodgy Interview Exclusive

Remember when we were younger and music festivals were like this . Staying out for the summer was a classic anthem that we can all relate to.....

Well they're back!!!

Nigel Clerk, Andy Miller & Mathew Priest, Otherwise known as the band Dodgy have kindly agreed for Kings Of Illiterature to interview them when they visit Cannock on 10th May.  The gig is being put on by local PR company  Hillierwood ( here on facebook) who will also be raffling a guitar signed by the band for local kids charity s.n.a.p.
So if you have any questions you'd like us to consider putting to the band, then please send them by either commenting on this blog or via email to

Tickets can purchased online here


  1. My question is 'I remember Phil Collins saying that 'In A Room' was the best thing he'd heard in years. Was public kudos from such an 'uncool' artist welcomed by the band?


  2. Does Nigel get annoyed when people include an extra 'e' at the end of his surname? ;-)