Monday, 29 April 2013

The Pigeon Detectives - The Sugarmill - 28/042013

Sorry, this isn't an entire review but more a case of feeling the need to tell you what i saw, or should i say, what i experienced in 3 songs.
When you get a venue like The Sugarmill & a band like The Pigeon Detectives,You can feel the electricity & boy does it give off a charge.With a frontman who lights the fuse with his explosive energy & crowd interaction, Matt Bowman soon has the 400 capacity venue bouncing.
I was taking photos & by the time i had to leave the pit(3 songs), people behind me were already crowd-surfing.I'm guessing everybody went on to have a great night, those 3 songs were enough to give me a buzz on my drive home & left me wanting more.
In my opinion all bands should take time out & find a small venue (would be difficult to find better than The Sugarmill), Somwhere real music fans can feel they're not getting ripped off. After all without the true fans where would some of the so called Rock Stars be now.
Hats off to The Pigeon Detectives, they lit the place up....

A few of my photos.. click to enlarge

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